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High Valyrian


The etymology of this word comes from an invisible proto-language. If you're confident you know the etymology, feel free to add it, but reader beware should the etymology be added by someone other than the creator of the language!


(Classical) IPA(key): /ˈmiɟion/


mijion (third declension terrestrial, nominative plural mijia)

  1. lack, dearth
Singular Plural Paucal Collective
Nominative mijion mijia mijȳn mijior
Accusative mijȳni mijȳndi
Genitive mijio mijȳti mijȳno mijȳndo
Dative mijiot mijȳnto
Locative mijȳnno mijȳrro
Instrumental mijȳso mijȳssi mijȳsso mijȳrzo
Comitative mijȳmmo mijȳrmo
Vocative mijios mijīs mijȳsso mijȳrzo