Meereenese Valyrian Phonology

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The Meereenese Valyrian language has X consonants, Y vowels and Z glides.

Standard Orthography

Letter IPA English example Notes
a a, ǝ US bot, UK bath. [ǝ] in unstressed final syllables.
ch t͡ʃ check
dh ð then
e e bait
f f fool
g g good
gh ɣ ~ ʁ
h h ham
i i beet
j ʒ azure
k k skill
kh x ~ χ Bach, or Chanukkah
l l left
m m man
n n no Assimilates to following palatal(?), velar or uvular consonant.
ng ŋ sing Only word-finally
o o moat
p p span
r ɾ Probably a tap.
s s see
sh ʃ ship
t t stop
th θ think
u u fouton
v v voice
w w wave, dowager
y j yes
z z zoo


David J. Peterson revealed very little about Meereenese Valyrian. Therefore much of the information here may be unreliable.


Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m [m] n [n] n, ng [ŋ]
Plosive p [p] t [t] k [k]
Fricative voiceless f [f] th [θ] s [s] sh [ʃ] kh [x]
voiced v [v] dh [ð] z [z] j [ʒ] gh [ɣ]
Approximant w [w] l [l] y [j]
Rhotic r [ɾ]


  • /n/ very likely assimilates to the position of the following consonant.
  • /n/ becomes [ŋ] word-finally, and this is reflected in the transcription system. It is unclear whether or not this can be considered phonemic.


Meerenese Valyrian has 5 phonetically distinct vowels:

Front Back
Close i [i] u [u]
Mid e [e] o [o]
Open a [a]

Additionally, ‹a› is realized as [ǝ] in word-final syllables, but this is probably not phonemic.


It is unknown if Meereenese Valyrian has any diphthongs at all.


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