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Slakkru (also Slakgedakru) is a group of Trigedasleng users that began using Slack in 2016 to chat amongst themselves. Over the years, they've created a lot of Trigedasleng vocabulary, much of which has become canon.

The group name originates from the Slack web application with the original intent of meaning something like "the people of Slack." With time and expansion to servers beyond Slack, the group has come to identify more with slak - the Trigedasleng word for "open, easy" - as an ad hoc origin of the name. This would translate the group's name to something like "the open people."

A number of Slakkru members serve as curators for the Trigedasleng language. Below is an alphabetical list:

For Slakkru members that have requests (either to have Slaksleng words added to canon or a request for words they'd like to have), feel free to add to this page: