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High Valyrian


The etymology of this word comes from an invisible proto-language. If you're confident you know the etymology, feel free to add it, but reader beware should the etymology be added by someone other than the creator of the language!


(Classical) IPA(key): /ˈoktion/


oktion (third declension terrestrial, nominative plural oktia)

  1. city
    Mīrīn, Astapor, Junkāe Ghīska oktia issi.
    Meereen, Astapor, and Yunkai are Ghiscari cities.
Singular Plural Paucal Collective
Nominative oktion oktia oktȳn oktior
Accusative oktȳni oktȳndi
Genitive oktio oktȳti oktȳno oktȳndo
Dative oktiot oktȳnto
Locative oktȳnno oktȳrro
Instrumental oktȳso oktȳssi oktȳsso oktȳrzo
Comitative oktȳmmo oktȳrmo
Vocative oktios oktīs oktȳsso oktȳrzo