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High Valyrian


The etymology of this word comes from an invisible proto-language. If you're confident you know the etymology, feel free to add it, but reader beware should the etymology be added by someone other than the creator of the language!


(Classical) IPA(key): /ˈkonir/


konir (fifth declension aquatic, nominative plural kōdra)

  1. that one, that (for abstract or uncountable inanimate entities, and places)
    Konir sagon kostos daor.
    That's not possible.
    -Melisandre (Game of Thrones, Episode 306)
Singular Plural Paucal Collective
Nominative konir kōdra kōdrin kōdrir
Accusative kōdrini kōdriri
Genitive kōdrio kōdrȳti kōdrino kōdriro
Dative kōdriot kōdrinti kōdrirti
Locative konīr kōdrinni kōdrirri
Instrumental kōdrȳsi kōdrȳssi kōdrissi kōdrirzi
Comitative kōdrȳmi kōdrȳmmi kōdrimmi kōdrirmi
Vocative konys konas kōdrissi kōdrirzi