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How to Browse

Ways to Contribute

These are some suggestions on how you can help grow and improve this wiki based on your time and level of knowledge. These categories (and much of the structure of the main page) were either borrowed from or directly inspired by the Guild of Archivists wiki.

5-minute tasks

  • Flag content for review. There are several special templates that you can use to flag content for more immediate review by others. If you spot an article with bad grammar or other minor issues and you don't feel comfortable changing them yourself, you can add the {{needs-polish}} template. If an article is lacking in detail, add the {{stub}} template. For articles that are poorly organized or structured, add the {{cleanup}} template.
  • Correct grammar and spelling mistakes. Browse the Articles in need of polish category and clean up the spelling, punctuation, and grammar in those articles as needed. Once you've finished, be sure to remove the {{needs-polish}} template.
  • Add structure to existing articles. Articles in the Articles in need of organization category are generally content-complete, but in need of an organizational overhaul. You may want to contact the relevant language Curator to make sure the changes you're making fit with their house style. Once you've made any necessary changes, be sure to remove the {{cleanup}} template.
  • Monitor Recent Changes for improper changes. Keep an eye on the Recent Changes list to help find material from new contributors that may need a helping hand.

Half-hour tasks

  • Fill in stubs. There are a number of articles that do not have the amount of detail or information that is required. If you have more information about a topic that only exists as a stub, please feel free to expand on it. Once you've finished, be sure to remove the {{stub}} template.
  • Create a Word. If you have a word that you'd like to see added for one of the various languages, feel free to add it. If it's a brand new page, copy the existing style for another word from that language. If there's already an article there, be sure to add the new entry in alphabetic order.

Half-day tasks

  • Create new articles. Though this wiki is intended to be a wiktionary for David Peterson's languages, there's no reason we can't have articles on grammar and culture, as well as on all the various shows, movies, books, and other projects that are associated with those languages. Even if you don't have time to write a complete article, put together a stub so that others can build on it in the future (and be sure to add the {{stub}} template). You can check the list of wanted pages, or start from an empty search.
  • Improve our documentation. The Archive is a big and complicated place, and it's sometimes difficult for newcomers to confidently pick up and use the tools available for creating and editing content here. If you feel that there is some aspect of this site that is insufficiently documented—style guidelines, editorial standards, or even just how-tos about our editing tools—please consider contributing to the documentation in the Help and Guide sections.

Editing tools

For help on how to use this wiki's editor, please see the Help documentation.