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High Valyrian


From ānogar (blood).


(Classical) IPA(key): /ˈaːnoɡres/


ānogres (fourth declension solar, nominative plural ānogresse)

  1. blood magic
    Hen ñuhā elēnī: / Perzyssy vestretis / Se gēlȳn irūdaks / Ānogrose
    From my voice: / The fires have spoken / And the price has been paid / With blood magic
    -Daemon (House of the Dragon, Episode 110)
Singular Plural Paucal Collective
Nominative ānogres ānogresse ānogrin ānogrer
Accusative ānogrī ānogrī ānogrini ānogreri
Genitive ānogro ānogroti ānogrino ānogrero
Dative ānogrot ānogrinte ānogrerte
Locative ānogrē ānogrinne ānogrerre
Instrumental ānogrose ānogrossi ānogrisse ānogrerze
Comitative ānogrome ānogrommi ānogrimme ānogrerme
Vocative ānogrys ānogresses ānogrisse ānogrerze