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How do categories for non-lemma forms work?

Hello! I'm trying to create a category for Munja'kin non-lemma forms since this conlang features consonant mutation, but I don't quite understand how to ensure the mutated forms are sent to this category.

Since you've been able to create such a category for High Valyrian, would you be so kind as to fill me in on how this works?

I've already created the category (though for some reason, I can't find a way to link to it in this message), but when I tried to change this form from a pronoun (and therefore a lemma) to a mutated form (and therefore a non-lemma), it just added nonexistent categories at the bottom of the page instead of adding it to the category I created. --User:Wojnicz

Hi! The way I've done it is to write "pronoun form" instead of "pronoun" as the second parameter of the head template, like for example {{head|munj|pronoun form|second person singular possessive||plural|za'kí}}. This will add the page to Category:Munja'kin non-lemma forms as well as to Category:Munja'kin pronoun forms. You should create the category pages by adding {{auto cat}} as their content, which you've already done with the former.--Juelos (talk) 10:45, 23 September 2021 (PDT)
Looks like it's working so far, thank you! --User:Wojnicz