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Compound of trigeda (forest) +‎ sleng (language).


IPA(key): /ˈtɹiɡɛɾəˌslɛŋ/

Rhymes: -iɡɛɾəslɛŋ

Proper Noun


  1. name of the language of the Grounders (literally "forest language")

Creation and Usage Notes

The idea behind the name of this language is that the most successful post-catastrophe group was a group that made their home base in the forest. This group had a private code that required doing some oddball things to determine who was in the group and who wasn't (for example, replacing all instances of the first person pronoun with "I", even in object position). The code grew and mixed with regular English evolution and became Trigedasleng. They called it Trigedasleng because they lived in the forest.

Fast forward a bit, and it becomes evident that when referring to others, rather than saying Trigedakru, which is what I intended, everyone starts saying Trikru. This was partly my fault, since I wasn't as vigilant, but basically at this stage, it doesn't even make sense that the language is called Trigedasleng. It should probably just be called Trisleng. But I suppose it could be written off as artifact of history. Nevertheless, I always think it odd to hear Trikru when it "should" be Trigedakru.

-David J. Peterson 16:34, 8 November 2019 (PST)