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This template is the base name for tracking templates. It should not have any transclusions.

Tracking templates are used, much like tracking categories, for keeping tabs on how templates and modules are used. For modules and functions within them, it is not always feasible to return a category as part of the output. It is then often more convenient to use a template transclusion list instead of a category to track usage. Module:debug provides a convenient function which achieves this.

Tracking templates should be created as subpages of this template. They can have their own subpages, too, if necessary. Each template should have:

  • Its entire contents wrapped inside <noinclude> tags, so that it does not return any output when transcluded.
  • A short description (unless it's a subpage of a subpage) of its purpose and list all the templates and modules that use it. This allows us to find those templates and modules, and remove the tracking from them once it's no longer needed.
  • A section listing all subpages, like the one below.
  • A category, to avoid overloading Special:UncategorizedTemplates if nothing else.

Uncreated tracking templates may be found at Special:WantedTemplates.

Index of tracking templates: