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This is the documentation page for Module:Unsubst

This module protects templates and modules from being wrongly substituted.


First, put the following at the beginning of the entry_point function in the module:

if mw.isSubsting() then
	return require('Module:unsubst').unsubst_template("entry_point")

Where "entry_point" should be replaced with the function name. Next, edit the template:


The <noinclude/> is optional. The template will substitute into its transcluded form.

To protect the module itself instead of the template, add this at the start of the function instead:

if mw.isSubsting() then
	return require('Module:unsubst').unsubst_module("entry_point")

Directly in templates

You can wrap the template code in


It will work just like unsubst_template above, apart from also generating a transclusion to Module:unsubst. Additionally, it protects templates from being copied and pasted to non-template pages.