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This is the documentation page for Module:Table

This module provides functions for dealing with Lua tables. All of them, except for two helper functions, take a table as their first argument.

Some functions are available as methods in the arrays created by Module:array.

Functions by what they do:

  • Create a new table:
    • shallowClone, shallowcopy, deepcopy, removeDuplicates, numKeys, affixNums, numData, compressSparseArray, keysToList, reverse, invert, listToSet
  • Create an array:
    • removeDuplicates, numKeys, affixNums, compressSparseArray, keysToList, reverse
  • Return information about the table:
    • size, length, contains, keyFor, isArray
  • Treat the table as an array (that is, operate on the values in the array portion of the table: values indexed by consecutive integers starting at 1):
    • removeDuplicates, length, contains, serialCommaJoin, reverseIpairs, reverse, invert, listToSet, isArray
  • Treat a table as a sparse array (that is, operate on values indexed by non-consecutive integers):
    • numKeys, maxIndex, compressSparseArray, sparseConcat, sparseIpairs
  • Generate an iterator:
    • sparseIpairs, sortedPairs, reverseIpairs
  • Other:
    • sparseConcat, serialCommaJoin, reverseConcat

The original version was a copy of Module:TableTools on Wikipedia via Module:TableTools on Commons, but new functions have been added since then.