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This is the documentation page for Module:IPA

This module is used by the templates {{IPA}} and {{IPAchar}} to format IPA in entries, and it also converts X-SAMPA (an ASCII version of IPA) to IPA for the templates {{x2i}}, {{x2ipa}}, and {{x2ipachar}}. The actual functions called by these templates are found in Module:IPA/templates

The function format_IPA_full generates the content of the template {{IPA}}. It should also be used by pronunciation modules for specific languages. (It is used, for instance, by Module:ru-pron.) It generates a label IPA (key), followed by a list of IPA transcriptions with the class attribute "IPA" added to them, and a language-specific category (such as Category:English terms with IPA pronunciation).

The function format_IPA_multiple generates the content of the template {{IPAchar}}. It is similar to format_IPA_full, but does not add a label or categories.

Data is in Module:IPA/data, Module:IPA/data/symbols, and Module:IPA/data/X-SAMPA.


The submodule Module:IPA/tracking allows you to track specific symbols used in the IPA transcriptions of a given language: for instance, the trill symbol ⟨r⟩ in English transcriptions. Go there for the list of languages and tracking conditions.

Unit tests

See also: Module:IPA/testcases

IPA to X-SAMPA back to IPA

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