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High Valyrian


The etymology of this word comes from an invisible proto-language. If you're confident you know the etymology, feel free to add it, but reader beware should the etymology be added by someone other than the creator of the language!


(Classical) IPA(key): /ˈlaena/


Coined by George R. R. Martin.

Source Spelling


Proper Noun

Laena (first declension lunar)

  1. A female given name
Singular Plural Paucal Collective
Nominative Laena Laeni Laenun Laenar
Accusative Laene Laenī Laenuni Laenari
Genitive Laeno Laenoti Laenuno Laenaro
Dative Laenot Laenunta Laenarta
Locative Laenā Laenunna Laenarra
Instrumental Laenosa Laenossi Laenussa Laenarza
Comitative Laenoma Laenommi Laenumma Laenarma
Vocative Laenus Laenis Laenussa Laenarza