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Lists of Noalath words by their rhymes.

Notes on rhymes

  • Two words are rhymes if they are stressed on the same syllable, counting from the end of the words, and are pronounced identically from the vowel in their stressed syllable to the end, but differ in sound immediately before that vowel.
  • To simplify things, we're going to follow this strict definition of a rhyme. For example:
    • best, request and underdressed are all rhymes, because they are all stressed on the final syllable and are pronounced identically from the vowel sound in that syllable to the end of the word.
    • undid and liquid are not rhymes, as they are stressed on different syllables (the final and penultimate syllables, respectively).
  • Note, however, that some entries list "partial rhymes", meaning words that end in the same pronunciation but are stressed on different syllables, counting from the end. Words in these sections are words that have no true rhymes and do not appear on other pages.


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