Appendix:Munja'kin pronunciation

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The Munja'kin language has 18 consonants, 4 vowels, and 1 glides.

Standard Romanization

Letter IPA English example Notes
a a father
b b bog
ch chop
d d dog
g g good
h h ham
i i beet
j jog
k k skill
l l left
m m man
n n no
ng ŋ sing
o o coat
p p span
r ɾ battle
s s see
t t stop
u u rude
v v voice
w w wet
z z zoo
ʔ uh-oh


Munja'kin allows for any vowel to occur next to any other vowel and has some variability in terms of post-nasal mutation and reduplication.


Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m [m] n [n] ng [ŋ]
Plosive voiceless p [p] t [t] ch [tʃ] k [k] ' [ʔ]
voiced b [b] d [d] j [dʒ] g [g]
Fricative voiceless s [s] h [h]
voiced v [v] z [z]
Approximant w [w] r [ɾ]
Lateral l [l]


Munja'kin has only 4 phonetically distinct vowels:

Front Central Back
Close i [i] u [u]
Mid o [o]
Open a [a]